LSCC Men’s Ministry



We reach out to other men in our community through prayer and meetings. We strive to equip, mentor and encourage men. While the world tells men to hide emotions and act tough, God’s word tells us to seek Him with our heart, mind and soul. We are constantly moving toward the purpose God has called us to by taking the lead and being men of action.


We are quick to encourage and support one another with prayer; we have an open door to dialogue and helping to support one another in ministry. We also provide security and safety to all who are on church grounds. We reject passivity. We keep it real with one another and we speak out against anything that’s not of God. We are courageous. We fear God and not man. We speak the truth in love.


We take ownership and responsibility for our actions. We stand strong and won’t give in when we are challenged, attacked or criticized. We encourage men to look to the source (God) for vision, inspiration and perseverance. God resist the proud, but gives Grace to the humble. We humble ourselves to Him and to those in authority. We demonstrate to those we are trying to reach that through God we are more than conquerors!!


Our Motto:“You can’t pay it back, but you can pay it forward”